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Limited Promo: [MFR-029] Evelyn - Entry Plug (The Heart)

Click "continue" at the bottom of the page to download the experimental breakbeat techno release, "Entry Plug" from NYC-based Evelyn, who has also released a series of powerful tracks under the moniker Lilith. This punchy, dual-single features Evelyn's original mix, which is as driving as it is ambient, as well as a breakbeat remix from Sister Zo that spotlights some of the most satisfying elements of UK Bass.
Evelyn is a special kind of artist. With working class roots in the rusted Midwestern US, she has sought to break beyond the life she that has been given to and made the leap to New York City in order to ascend and become the artist she has always been destined to be. She is a woman of her own power and creation, independent of the judgements of the outside world, and carries herself with an energy that could only come from a lifetime of self-generated success and empowerment. She holds herself to no limitations or genres, pulling from deep within herself and etching her own paths and direction. Evelyn’s music will galvanize you and heal you, giving you the space and clarity to see your own strengths and truths for what they really are.

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