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Limited Promo: [LP-MFR-004] Alexis Berumen -The RAW-sy Crucifixion - Vinyl & Digital

The debut vinyl and digital EP from Alexis Berumen on Maison Fauna contains four tracks of peak hour mental techno affectionately dubbed The RAW-sy Crucifixion. Hailing from CDMX, Alexis has been honing and testing his productions at his own party series with CommonSense records for years. Each track on the EP has its own unique energy and message. "Sexus" is a dark, mental techno track that builds up to a trance-y finale, taking the listener on a journey through the depths of their mind. "Nexus" is a chaotic but highly danceable track that defies convention, encouraging the listener to open their mind and embrace a unique sound. "Plexus” explores the aftermath of a cut, both physical and emotional, and features overdrive sounds and a bit more of the trance-y influence of Berumen’s productions. Finally, "Exos" is a pounding hypnotic mental techno track that begins with themes organic and indecisive, transforming into a pounding, cathartic rave experience, representing the transformative power of loss and change.


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